Where I Went and What I Learned

The most recent session was entitled Where I Went and What I Learned.  Each class member submitted an activity, event or opportunity that they wanted to participate in.  They were charged with  analyzing the experience and presenting it to the larger group.  The LEAP class did a wonderful job of presenting their experiences! 

Activities ranged from presenting at a professional conference to participating in a Delivery and Distribution nightly run.  The presenters utilized a variety of presentation styles, from graphic intensive powerpoint shows to a really fun scrapbook that was used as a visual aid. 

I am very pleased with the progress of the class in their public speaking abilities.  In particular, one class member stood with confidence at the podium, spoke clearly and strongly, and fully entertained the group with her comfortable speaking style.  What a contrast!  She was the class member who was reduced to tears in the first session at the prospect of public speaking.  Kudos to her for having the courage to face that fear and develop into a fine speaker!


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