Why Would You Want to Be in LEAP?

I have received quite a few calls this week regarding the application process.  Most were matter of fact questions about having supervisors sign off, the deadline, etc.  But, I had one very interesting question.  "What is going to happen to those who are graduating from the current class?"  In other words, how did they benefit?

 The question gave me pause.  Really what the person was asking was, "What's in it for me?" or WIIFM.  As a trainer, I understand the importance of this concept.  Much of our motivation for learning new concepts, accepting new responsibilities, enrolling in classes, etc. revolves around this question.  Instinctively, I feel that true leaders are motivated intrinsically.  A leader does the right thing because it is right.  A leader avails himself of learning opportunities for self improvement.

However, one cannot discount the importance of the WIIFM.  So, here are some great reasons why you should apply for the program:

  • Candid insight into the history and philosophy of the Library system, as told by its current leadership
  • Continual opportunities to learn new communication skills and techniques, and improve on existing ones
  • Gain a deeper understanding of public relations as it relates to libraries
  • Learn who our major collaborators are
  • Have an opportunity to shadow and model current library leaders

These are just a few of the reasons why you want to consider being a part of this great program.


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