Managers, How Do You Lead?

One of the inevitable questions managers ask themselves is "how to do I model for my staff?"  Good leaders are concerened with the examples they set for the staff in their charge.  They want to motivate staff, provide direction and vision, and demonstrate a commitment to that vision.  So, as leaders in our Library, what can you do to lead your staff?

One important thing you can do is encourage your staff to apply for the LEAP program.  Let them know you value their contribution and have recognized their abilities.  By giving them your support, you are letting them know they are an asset to our system and deserve an opportunity to grow into a leadership position.  This demonstrates commitment to your staff and to the goals of our system. 

The staff will gain invaluable information and experience that will serve your agency well.  They will be armed with a renewed commitment to "satisfying the customer's need to know," while, at the same time, serving as a representative for agency! 


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