LEAP Logo blank2.jpgIn a recent issue of Training Magazine (May 2006), there was an article about the leadership legacy of Jack Welch, the much lauded former CEO of GE.  Jack Welch is revered in business circles for good reason.  He headed one of the largest companies in the world for 20 years, and was responsible for a market value increase from $13B to nearly $400B during his tenure. 

What struck me most about his ideas about leadership was that they he was always focused on people.  Jack Welch looked for authenticity above all other leadership qualities.  He felt that success in business was about treating people well.  And, most interestingly, he wanted the organization to celebrate!  Celebrate the victories, no matter how small.  Have fun and enjoy the work. In his own words:

 "At GE, I preached celebration over and over again.  Somehow it was just in my blood.  I think you have to have fun in the workplace.  There's no excuse for not doing it.  Don't ever be too busy to do it; don't ever be too cheap to do it.  Celebration is one of your biggest obligations."

We could not agree more!  We had a wonderful time at our graduation ceremony.  The LEAPers had an opportunity to present their work, and we had an opportunity to celebrate their creativity!  We had great food, plenty of time to catch up with colleagues, and a chance to see this group shine.  Enjoy these pictures of the LEAP graduation.  It is our hope that the event adequately celebrated the achievements of this fine group of leaders. 

LEAP group picture gay.jpg


4 Responses to Celebration

  1. celebration works best over receiving more money!

  2. In the case of GE under Jack Welch, it was certainly an environment where people could celebrate and receive more money. In a publicly funed environment, more money may not be an option as a carrot for leadership. That is why it is crucial that we do celebrate our successes and reaffirm our mission.

  3. horri says:

    and what if key members of the team do not celebrate in the same way?

  4. Horri, Jack Welch did not specify how to celebraste, and neither do I. People choose to celebrate their successes in a variety of ways. A good leader creates an environment where people feel comfortable doing so. It may be a group lunch with the team, or an individual may say a silent affirmation. Some might go out after work and have drinks. All are appropriate and acceptable. What will not work is mandating a celebration. However, most people appreciate recognition for their achievements, so a more formal event is usually appreciated.

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