Self Knowledge is the Key to Effective Leadership

Jeanne Carr, Managing Partner with Team Trek Coaching Group completed the all day retreat for our new LEAP class. In the session, Jeanne clearly established that effective, visionary leadership can only begin after a thorough process of self discovery and awareness.  This process leads one, inevitably, toward an understanding of talents and strengths.   It is the application of these strengths, in a measured and balanced way, that leads to excellence. 

 Most importantly, the session outlined the principle of 100% responsibility.  Simply stated, “I am 100% responsible for how I choose to respond to the people and circumstances in my life.  Everyone else is 0% responsible.”  Therefore, I am 100% responsible for developing my strengths, 100% responsible for preparing for challenges, and 100% responsible for how I react to challenges.  It is quite empowering and liberating when I realize that, although I cannot control the circumstances, I do control my reactions.  And, consequently, I am far more likely to effect positive outcomes. 


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