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November 17, 2006

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Do You Have the Time?

November 15, 2006

In a recent post, I mentioned a blog I have been reading.  In his post, Cognition and Chance, Kent Blumberg makes some great points about how we think, assess information, and make decisions.  One of the conclusions he drew really resonated with me.  “Our estimates of time and cost are almost always too low. ”

I saw this in action this month when I had my house painted.  The estimate I received from the contractor was a very reasonable price, and he said that it would only take a weekend.  In fact, the job took two weekends–effectively raising the costs to him as an independent contractor. 

How does this relate to us in our profession?  When we lose sight of the  fact that time is a resource that requires management, we set ourselves up for the inevitable costs:  money, morale, quality, credibility, etc.

If you are interested in taking a look at how you can be more effective with the time you have, browse through this slideshow on Time Management.

Transparency in the Moment

November 14, 2006

Most people would agree that healthy, successful organizations practice transparency with their staff.  From the top down, each stakeholder is treated with the respect that is inherent when valuable information is shared.  This holds true when the news is both good and bad. 

 The strongest organizations practice this and make it a part of their culture.  This is accomplished easily when there is a concerted effort to communicate through formal channels.  The organization leaders make an effort to be visible and  communicate the message.  But what about those times when the information sharing is not planned?  This is the time for transparency in the moment.

At a recent meeting, I watched our Deputy Director make a short presentation regarding the Friends Budget allocations.  This was a cut and dry, information sharing opportunity.  When time came for questions, though, they were off topic and related to far more complex budget, staffing, and collection issues.  While she did not come prepared for these questions, she proceeded to answer each question as candidly and thoroughly as possible. 

This is what I mean by transparency in the moment.  Rather than defer those questions, she took the opportunity to be open and honest about the state of those issues.  The net result is a better informed group of managers that have credible information to provide to their staff.  No one was left wondering–How bad is it?  What is she hiding?  Rather, she managed, in that brief moment, to seize the opportinty to build trust and create a sense of belonging. 

Congratulations to Dean Moore!

November 14, 2006

It was announced this week that Dean has become the acting manager for the Frayser Branch Library.  Dean’s service to the Frayser community, and his determination to pursue a leadership role have begun to pay off.  We wish you success and look forward to you bringing your leadership experience and enthusiasm to your new position.