Excellent Leadership Blog

October 20, 2006

I have encountered a wonderful blog devoted to all topics regarding leadership and professional  growth. The blog is authored by Kent Blumberg and offers insight from his experiences in the manufacturing sector worldwide.  A quick glance at the list of posts will reveal that he targets leadership from a practical perspective.   Among the gems:  Who’s Your Fool?, Don’t Cut Price:  Add Value Instead, and Are you Doing Things To or For Your Customer.

This blog is talked about among the many business, management and leadership blogs I read.  Take a look.  I think you will be pleased to see that many of the posts will resonate with you both personally and professionally.


Blogs for Leaders

May 8, 2006

A recent post to our very own LEAP member  Kevin's MPLIC Techtrain blog, http://mplictechtrain.blogspot.com/ made me realize what a tremendous resource the blog world is for everyone, potential leaders included.  His post, "Put Everything in One Place and Be Done with It" underscores the need to have a "management tool" so to speak when sifting the web for information.  The technology that allows you to choose an aggregator and subscribe to blogs is a wonderful opportunity to have relevant, timely leadership information sent to your account.

I have found some great blogs that are very relevant to my position, and to the concept of organizational leadership.  These are just two of the many I have found in my searches: http://www.blogwriteforceos.com/blogwrite/


Take a look at them!  And, use your aggregator to find other blogs and sites that will enhance your leadership reading and learning.  Finally, comment to this post and share what you found!